Reed Cagle on How Gold Prices are the Highest Since February

Reed Cagle

May 28, 2021

How Gold Prices are the Highest Since February

Reed Cagle is an entrepreneur/business owner who has specialized in the energy industry. He has seen the prices of gold increase and decrease on incremental and more drastic levels over the years. The year started out rough when it comes to gold prices, but he notes that now we’re seeing them at their highest since February.

Reed Cagle on the Prospects of Gold Prices

Reed Cagle recognizes that gold is an investment that has many possibilities. He has spoken to people who were uncertain why the price fluctuations have mattered so much. Reed Cagle wants to impress upon investors that it’s important to realize how they can take advantage of such a situation. In fact, he spoke professionally to a group of gold investors at the start of the year about this topic.

Reed Cagle explained that there are different factors that play a role in gold prices at the moment. One of these that may be surprising is the global environment. When people react to a crisis, you’ll likely see a rise in the price of gold since many individuals consider it as a reliable source of income. Another big aspect that has an effect on gold prices is inflation. If a currency undergoes inflation, this can make the gold prices rise drastically. Reed Cagle knows that when currency inflation occurs in a nation, that nation won’t be able to purchase as much gold.

Some other financial factors that play a role in gold prices include value of different types of currency, interest rates, and the stability of the federal reserve at that time. It’s important to take note that stock may rise or soar, depending on what type of stock it is.

The Stability of Gold Prices

People who have put their investment into gold will find that at this time they’re doing quite well. Reed Cagle advises to watch the trends and try to diversify as much as possible with your investment portfolio. However, he sees the value in making this investment and that it will experience more fluctuation and this includes the potential for a great increase in the price of gold. Regardless of the unsteady beginning of the year with gold prices, it seems to be following a predictable pattern.

Reed Cagle has been involved in various roles in the energy industry over the last 35 years, getting his start at Kinlaw Oil Corporation as an associate in 1986. He helped to launch a small independent energy firm in 1996 in Dallas. He has consulted several oil companies and a landscaping company.